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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Saturday, January 04, 2003 ::

Well, it was an exciting day today. My roommates and some other people from my entryway went ice skating! It was the first time I had ever ice skated, and it was one of the most exciting things I had ever done. The skating rink was in downtown Boston, and there were quite a few people there. We rented ice skates and began skating around. It was slippery, but I soon got the hang of things. Then it started snowing lightly, and it was so beautiful - just like in the movies, with the snow drifting down gently and the children skating in the park. I felt as if I had stepped into a wonderful winter-time movie.

Then, we went to an Italian restaurant in the Italian district of Boston, and met the most evil, mean, nasty, bad-attitude bitch-waitress/owner in the world. Let me tell you, she was the nastiest person on the planet. She yelled at my friends (calling her a liar, just because she had given her the wrong number of people in our party), treated us lousily, and then messed up our bill, overcharging us. One of us pulled out a calculator and proved that they had overcharged us, and they tried to correct it, but the bill still turned out to be ten dollars over. We all wanted to leave without tipping, but they had tacked on a required tip onto the bill. What a sleazy restaurant and owner. When we complained about the woman's attitude, she snapped back at us, saying, "You're the one with the attitude." I was like, "Excuse me?" WTF??? I certainly will never go there again. What a stain on humanity. Hopefully, this woman's business will go under and she will live out the rest of her life in misery, destitution, and penury.

But I won't end my post today on such a sour note. No, I still had a great time out with friends. Last night, we had gone out to a Chinese restaurant, and we all got fortune cookies. So I learned a new game. Read your fortune aloud, but add the phrase "in bed" to the end of it. For example, "You will have great success and fortune in bed." Try it the next time you go to a Chinese restaurant.

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