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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 ::

And now, the obligatory anti-war commentary...

Hmmm... war... that doesn't seem like such a good idea, considering how the rest of the world feels about this topic. Obviously, we need to protect our country from the evils of terrorism, but I feel it can be done diplomatically and through heightened intelligence, WITHOUT infringing on our civil liberties. For example, a plethora of terrorist attacks have been foiled by raids that followed intense monitoring of terrorists. All this war-mongering by our "president" and empty threats and unilateralism only serves to reaffirm America's reputation and image as an international bully and to spawn new terrorists for the future.

:: SL 4:58 PM [+] ::

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