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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Friday, October 31, 2003 ::

Happy Halloween!!!

Today, my friends and I dressed up as characters from Homestarrunner.com! It is most fitting, since we are always quoting humorous lines from the cartoons. We had all sorts of characters, from The Cheat to Homsar. Four of my friends decided to be the Teen Girl Squad, which I think is one of the most hilarious series. You really have to see it.

I decided to be one of the most obscure characters ever. In the Teen Girl Squad series, there is a recurring character who appears for only about two seconds in each episode (or "issue"). It's this guy who randomly appears to try to kill members of the Teen Girl Squad. For example, in the first episode, he suddenly appears, and says, "ARROWED!!!" Then arrows shoot out of his gaping mouth and kill one of the girls (The Ugly One). In Issue #2, he is driving a truck and runs over a student while saying, "CHILDREN!!!" In the most recent episode, Issue #4, the man is driving a brain and says, "CEREBELLUM'D!!!"

Well, I am the guy in Issue #3, where he appears behind a stand for "3 Spring Rolls" when the Teen Girl Squad decides to enjoy some Pan-Asian cuisine! He's wearing his usual shirt and tie, but this time he's wearing this hat. He says, "MSG'D!!!" and chucks some spring rolls at one of the girls. She then says, "Ow, my stomach lining!"

Who is this guy? We may never know, but he's cool enough for me to dress up as him for Halloween!

Tonight, I got together with my friends, and we went to a party at The Crimson. It was so crowded there that it became difficult to walk through the hallways. Many people wore creative costumes, and it was fun to figure out what each person was trying to be. We danced for some time, and then we went out for pizza.

We then hung out, typing out the first official e-mail of Hovember! That's right. Rocktober ended with a bang, and we decided that we can't just let the party die there, so we're continuing it to this month, which we voted should be called Hovember: a celebration of ho's and supporters of ho's. The location of the rocke was finally revealed as part of the closing ceremony for Rocktober, and we all partied hard on Halloween to celebrate the last day of Rocktober. It was a ton of fun.

Quote of the Day: "Societal norms are violated... hilarity ensues!"

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