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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Friday, December 26, 2003 ::

Wow, the sun was actually shining today. It was actually kind of warm when I walked out this morning. However, the wind started to blow, and it became cold – almost as cold as a regular day in Boston during the wintertime. It was cold all day and all night. I wish the weather was California warm again.

Today, we had visitors. My father's old college friend and his family stopped by for lunch. My father's friend had a son who is a senior at UCSD and a daughter who is four years older and is now a teacher in Garden Grove. We drove down to the waterfront because they wanted to get some clam chowder. They also saw and decided to get fried salmon and chips (fries). This was in addition to an extravagant gourmet lunch my mother cooked. She also spent last night and this morning cleaning up the house; it wasn't messy to begin with, but my parents wanted to be sure it was perfect for the guests.

During our late lunch, my sister and I started watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD (part of the set she received yesterday for Christmas). It was great; I loved the escape scene with the giant rolling boulder at the beginning, as well as the ingenious staff and pedant concept that Indy uses to discover the location of the Well of Souls. I love the Indiana Jones movies. They are such a wonderful adventure!

After the movie, I went with my sister to the public library, where I saw the mother of one of my old friends. We conversed for a bit, and I browsed some of the items available at the library. I found the original cast recording of The Lion King, the Broadway musical. We then went to Rite-Aid, where I looked at Christmas lights, but they didn't have the all-blue lights set I was looking for, so we left.

Tonight, I couldn't go to SLO-town to meet up with my friend because I can't drive myself due to a lack of car insurance and everyone else was busy, so I took the bus. The fare wasn't bad at all, and I felt good for helping the environment by taking public transportation. However, for the entire trip, I was the only passenger. The bus driver still stopped at every stop, and nobody got on for the entire 45-minute trip. I guess nobody really goes out the day after Christmas. So, as good as I felt about helping the environment by taking the bus, it was probably even worse because buses use a lot more fuel – at least a lot more than a regular passenger car. But then again, the bus would have had to go through the whole route anyway, whether it had a passenger or not, so taking another car really would have polluted more. Oh dear. I should stop the overanalyzing.

My friend and I went about downtown SLO-town, shopping at a couple of stores. I got a used Daniel Bedingfield CD from Boo Boo's Records, as well as a Disney daily calendar for my sister. We went back to my friend's house, where her family celebrated the last day of Hanukah. There was a wonderful dinner, and they lit candles and sang songs, opening presents afterwards. It was a delightful occasion. My friend and I had dessert – chocolate ice cream and this tasty marzipan bread – and we chatted while listening to Carmina Burana (the opera you often hear during dramatic moments in movies or TV), as well as this interesting music you would likely hear in a lounge. After chatting some more, my friend kindly drove me home, and I spent some time playing video games, using the computer, and studying Chinese.

Quote of the Day: "I got a vase; why do I always end up with vaginal presents?"

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