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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Thursday, September 09, 2004 ::

OK, so I'm a bad person for not updating my blog... I'm going to try to play catch up now...


I went to work and worked on some not-so-exciting stuff on the city desk (I was assigned to do reporting today). Then, I got a go-ahead from my editor to write a story about the extreme weather we've been having these past few days. Yay! So I worked on that and called a lot of weather people and local businesses. It's kind of funny that I've sort of carved out this "weather beat." I wrote a story last week about local Red Cross volunteers who were shipping out to Florida to help with Hurricane Frances recovery. I then wrote a story about how this past summer has been cooler than usual on the Central Coast. Ironically, now my third story will be about how the daily high temperature record has been broken for the third day in a row.

My story made front page! Third front-page weather-related story in a row!
Heat streak: San Luis Obispo records a third straight day of record highs, topping out at 106 degrees Tuesday; expect a hot one today, too

After work, my sister picked me up because she needed to go downtown to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for her English class. We spent some time in Barnes and Noble. We then headed home, where I worked on my website and then went to bed because I had busy stuff to do tomorrow.


Today, I got up early and got a haircut because I wanted to look presentable and it is getting to the back-to-school time. After my haircut, I headed to SLO-town, where I visited my old elmentary school, Teach School, which is now at a different campus, combined with another elementary school. I saw a couple of my old teachers, and I spoke to some students during their lunchtime about journalism, high school, and college. One of my old elementary school teachers told me about some of my former classmates and the things they've gone on to do, like release a classical/opera CD or get married. It was such a hot day today. Luckily, we sat in the shade under a tree. My host was really nice and provided me with a nice lunch, too: a chicken caesar sandwich with a white tea fuze drink.

After my little school visit, I went to work early and worked on finishing writing a piece for the business section of the paper. I then started my copy editing shift for today, which went on until nearly midnight. I had to get up early the next day to do a reporting shift, so I went to bed fairly early.

Story of the Day: While I was at the barbershop, sitting patiently in the chair getting my hair trimmed, these two old men were telling stories about getting their prostate gland removed due to cancer:

"What was your PSI?"
"Did you get a biopsy?"
"Yeah, it came out positive. They took out the whole enchilada. What about you?"
"They used radiation, which they say has no side effects, but believe me, there are side effects."

I dare not imagine what side effects this man was referring to...

After I told this story to one of my friends, she asked me, "Are you taking vitamins to prevent prostate cancer?"


Augh. It's such a drag to get up so early, especially when you have to stay up late the night before working. I did reporting today, and I wrote a few stories for the business section. There was a lot to work on, so I hopped from one story to another. It got a bit stressful at times, and a lot of people I needed to contact did not or refused to contact me back, so things were looking a bit murky, but it all pulled together in the end because I still got all the information I needed, just from different people.

After work, my great friends picked me up from work, and we went to Quizno's Subs! Yum! It was really delicious. I haven't had Quizno's since last summer. So warm and toasty! At Quizno's, a couple of my friends sneaked out, so I was left with just one friend at the table. We pretended that we were on a "date" where we were going to have a bitter break-up, so we got really dramatic about it. Some of the store patrons didn't know how to react... they thought we were actually breaking up, with my pseudo-girlfriend sobbing her eyes out. One patron actually looked at my friend and mouthed "Are you OK?" to her. It was hilarious.

We then headed downtown to FARMERS MARKET!!! Yay. I love Farmers Market. I got a Jamba Juice! Yay! We waited in Barnes and Noble and met up with another friend. We then strolled about the streets and tried to find Cologne Girl again, but we were devastated because we couldn't find her and get her to tell us to "GET EXCITED!!!" Sigh. We worried that she traveled from town to town, so her appearance at last week's Farmers Market was only a one-time deal. That would be so tragic.

Later, we were accosted by confrontational religious people trying to proselytize us. I suppose it's my punishment for speaking and joking in the "Jesus voice" all night, playing religious charades and miming Bible stories, and drawing religious tattoos on skin. It could offensive, I admit, but it was just soo hilarious. My friends and I were laughing really hard. We then went into Barnes and Noble and read in more books and magazines.

Tonight was such a fun night... I'm going to miss hanging out at Farmers Market. It was nice after a day sitting in the office working to finally get out, hang out with friends, and just go crazy. I have such wonderful friends. I'm so glad we can have such fun times!

I'm a-gonna include three quotes... one for each day!

Quote(s) of the Day: "Why do you have to accept Jesus into your heart? What if you take God into your heart but not Jesus?" "Then you're Jewish."

"I'm going to make Jesus out of M&Ms!"

"Why does it say 'free prayer'? Isn't prayer generally free already?"

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