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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 ::

Big day today! Today, I went to my classes in the morning. Then, after researching and deciding my positions on the issues on the 20,000 propositions we Californians have to decide on (the LA Times offers some humorous commentary on California propositions... worth a read), I completed and mailed out my ABSENTEE BALLOT for the November 2 presidential election!!! What an important election. I'm so glad I am doing my part in our democracy.

I, of course, voted for John Kerry for president not just because George W. Bush is a colossal failure and an incompetent leader who lied to the country and put our troops in danger and made us Americans look like fools in the world, but because John Kerry has the strength and the vision to carry our country through these difficult times and to restore our country's dignity and credibility in the international community. I hope Kerry wins on Tuesday!!! I'm so nervous; I just want the election to be over so I can celebrate the end of the nightmare that was the last four years with Bush in office (or, god forbid, prepare myself for a draft and the end of the world).

Speaking of celebrating, the Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series after 86 years, ending the "curse" that was put into place after the team sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Wow, what a win. Everyone has been watching the games this week, and tonight everyone staked themselves out in front of televisions, watching the exciting game and cheering the historic win. The Red Sox have won the last eight games straight. What a winning streak to break the "curse"!

So after the game ended, everyone streamed out into the streets and gathered in Harvard Square, where the Harvard marching band played rousing tunes to rally the huge crowd that spread out into the streets, which were shut down by police to allow the celebration. Everyone was singing, cheering, and chanting in happiness. I've only been swept up by the enthusiasm since a little while ago, but there are fans who have been waiting decades for this historic moment tonight. I was quite touched by this Nike commercial celebrating the history and endless hope and enthusiasm of the Red Sox and the team's fans.

This afternoon, I went to the psychology department building for a meeting, but it was canceled, so instead I participated in a short psychology study for some quick cash. After having dinner with friends (and having one of the best conversations ever), I went to the mall to get some Halloween stuff.

While at the mall, I passed by the Apple store, and I saw the new color photo iPod that was introduced earlier this week. So cool! I wish I had one like that. Not only does it store 60GB of data (about 15,000 songs), but it also has a color screen (the quality of which is wonderfully vivid) and has the capability to store photos! They show up on the screen quite well. But it's sooo expensive!!! $599 for the new 60GB iPod. I already have a 40GB iPod that I won from a mall earlier this year, and even though it was the most expensive and advanced model at that time, it feels totally inferior to this new color iPod. But I'm still happy that I have an iPod at all! Such a cool gadget. I don't use it nearly as much as I should, considering its worth.

Going back, on Tuesday I went to a class and then ran some errands and did some work. Nothing too eventful. On Monday, I went to a bunch of interviews for activities I'm trying to get involved in this year. I think one of the most unfortunate things about extracurricular activities here is that so many of them require difficult applications that really puts a damper on wanting to participate. Oh well. I really hope I get into these organizations; they are certainly worth joining. I also did a lot of reading because I had a response paper due that night.

Quote of the Day: "For your birthday, I got you some scented hand lotion because ever since you started masturbating, your hands have acquired a strange odor."

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