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Greetings! My name is Sam J and I am a student at Harvard University. Perhaps this blog will present a little look into the mundane yet unique events that make up my life.
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:: Sunday, June 04, 2006 ::

Yesterday was sooo much fun. I got up early and went to breakfast at the Adams dining hall with friends. Then we boarded our charter bus and headed to Agawam, MA for Six Flags New England!!!

It was a ton of fun. We got there at 11 a.m. and stayed until 6 p.m., which was a few hours before the park's closing, but it wasn't dreadfully crowded, so we were able to go on a good number of rides. While there weren't very many tourists at the park, there were a lot of other student groups from varous high schools and middle schools in the region.

I went on the Superman roller coaster three times. It's no wonder that it was voted one of the world's best roller coasters... with its 22-story first drop, its top speed of 77 miles per hour, and its multiple hills and high-speed turns. Because it goes over so many little hills at such a high speed, you get this amazing feeling of weightlessness that I love. The first drop is amazing, too.

There were a bunch of other fun rides I went on with my friends. Batman was a cool "floorless" roller coaster with multiple inversions, and the Mind Eraser was a fast, albeit short, suspended coaster that was cool because the cars come so close to the supports that it feels like your legs are going to crash into them. We also went on a new raft water ride that kept us spinning like crazy with a watery finale.

Because the rides were so intense, I didn't want to eat a big lunch, so I shared an order of fried dough with my friend Marion. We asked for a ton of powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar on top, so it was tasty, sweet, and amazing. Soooo good. My friend also ordered fried Oreos, and I tried one because I'll try any food once. It was actually really tasty, but I couldn't really taste the Oreo inside because the fried batter on the outside had such a strong taste, particularly with all the powdered sugar on top. Digression: The food offerings in the park were really expensive. A slice of pizza went for $7.99 (compared to $5.89 at Disneyland - you know it's bad when it's more expensive than Disney...), and I think a hamburger was more than that.

The best part was running into everyone from my senior class everywhere in the park. You'd be in line for a ride and right behind you would be someone you knew. It was fun to hang out with friends all day. Good times. I heart theme parks.

We returned at about 8 to Harvard, and Marion and I went to Felipe's for dinner. I got a chicken quesadilla with sour cream, and that was filling. We then went to the Winthrop Junior Common Room to go get our prizes for being a Last Senior Standing. For the last month of senior year, my friend Marion and I went to each Last Senior Standing event Sunday through Thursday nights for 30 days held at local "establishments." They said they had $3,000 worth of prizes to give to the winners, and with 40 winners, each person should have received much more. However, we each got a Harvard stein that's on sale at the store for only $25. Boo. I was expecting a stupid prize from the start, but this one really sucks. Anyways...

I then went to my friend Krupa's birthday party, which was fun because we chatted, ate snacks, drank drinks, and danced to fun music! We stayed up talking until the sun came up, and then I went to sleep because I was so tired from waking up so early, walking around at Six Flags, and then partying all night.

Today, I slept in and then went to visit my friend Kayt. We chatted, ate kettle corn from Six Flags, and planned where we were going to go for dinner. After much indecision, we opted to go for 9 Tastes, which serves Thai food. I hadn't had Thai food in a long time, so it was exciting. I tried the spicy noodles with chicken. They were spicy, indeed, but so delicious. All the vegetables stir fried in with the dish were good, too. I then visited my friend Marion, who was hosting a board games and video games party. We played some Mario Kart on her Game Cube, made fun of interesting websites online, drank tea, and played a dreadful game of Bowl Full of Nouns (dreadful because we were only allowed to write down names of people, and that to me made the game less fun, it seemed, because not everyone knew all the people).

I then went to visit Kayt and her roommates and friends again to play the addictive board game Settlers of Catan. I still have never won the game, but I still enjoy playing it with the hope that I will eventually. We also chatted and laughed loudly and heartily. Like giants. (Kayt will accuse me of calling her fat with that comment, but I'm going to deny it...)

Tomorrow is the Senior Soiree... the last college formal ever. I'm going to have so much fun!!!

Quote(s) of the Day: "Telling people off is one of life's little pleasures..."

While playing Super Mario Brothers:
"I hate that fish... it always chases you like it's going to rape you."
"I always think it's going to perform oral sex because of its huge inviting lips."
"It looks like it's going to 'fellaterape' Mario!!!"

:: SL 12:39 AM [+] ::

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