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:: Saturday, March 25, 2006 ::

Yes! Third best weekend evarrr in a row because I got to spend it with friends. Awww.

And the coming days will be the best WEEK evarr because it's spring break, and my friend and I are going to WALT DISNEY WORLD!!! Needless to say we are both extremely excited over this highly-anticpated vacation. We've been talking about it since we lived across the hall from each other, and now it's senior year and it's now or never! So we decided to go for senior spring break, and we're going to have soooo much fun!

Yesterday, I had lunch and went to work at the Science Center. In the late afternoon my friend Marion and I got ready for our party hosting duties that night by walking to Trader Joe's for food and drink supplies. It was a fun trip, and I wasn't as indecisive as I usually am in party planning. We had dinner with friends who were still around, as the dining hall was unusually empty because many people had left already for spring break.

Afterwards, we got ready for our party, and althought not that many people showed up, I still had a great time hanging out and dancing with Marion and friends. We played a lot of fun danceable music from the 80s and the 90s. Yay. I'm glad (grateful! Positive Psychology!) Marion and I have similar tastes in musica. We were so tired at 1:30 that we ended the party then and all went to sleep. But it was an amazingly fun party. We shall have to do it again soon!

Today, I suddenly woke up at 10 in the morning, which meant I had a delightfully productive day in front of me. I ended up working on my website a bit, had a snack for lunch, and then watched the movie Toy Story. It's a charming tale; I hadn't seen the movie in a while. I always love buddy movies. Later in the afternoon, I decided to watch the movie Saved! on DVD because I had borrowed it and never had time time to watch it. It's a hilarious satire on overzealous religious people, but it's not anti-religion. It shows the good and the bad effects of religion, which is up my ally because I am not particularly religious, but I respect the role of religion in the world... as long as these religions respect me.

I went out to dinner with my friends Kayt, Tim, and Fran. We went to Felipe's, and I got a super burrito. I even ordered sour cream on it to be extra festive with sauce. During the course of the dinner, the conversation veered to talk about my personality, and my friends agreed that I was a generally pessimistic person, which made me kinda sad, because I see myself as a cheery person. They told me that I just say a lot of pessimistic things in a delightfully cheerful manner. Haha. I'm glad to have gotten this feedback. I am, of course, trying to become more optimistic as part of my positive psychology class, which deals with the psychology of happiness. I hadn't realized that people thought I sounded pessimistic at times.

After Felipe's, Kayt and I went to Mather House and watched Disney's Cinderella to "get excited!" about our trip! Fran joined us, too. Aww, Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney movies... probably because of its themes of kindness and simple beauty triumphing over vanity and jealousy. The rags to riches bit ain't bad, either... Anyways, the screening got us in the mood for our Disney trip, especially since Walt Disney World's signature castle is the magnificent Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom! Yay!!! We did some trip planning, returned the Cindrella videocassette to the library, and got some last-minute supplies. We leave early tomorrow morning. Soooo excited!!!

I will, of course, write a 10-page post when we get back about all our adventures in the Most Magical Place on Earth! Clint, if you're reading this (or for that matter, anyone who's reading this), lemme know via LJ comment if you want any souvenirs or pictures of anything specific in the "World." I'll be checking my e-mail!

Quote(s) of the Day: "Kayt, you just finished your senior thesis... What are you going to do next?" "I'm going to Disney World!!!"

"Wow, that girl is in desperate need of a nose job."

"I didn't know it was becoming trendy to shorten words. Whatev. That's just kind of awk."

:: SL 9:41 PM [+] ::
:: Friday, March 24, 2006 ::
Well, I guess I didn't get the Let's Go travel guide research/writing job I applied for. Sad tear. I think I would have really enjoyed it... combining my two passions: travelling and writing.

:: SL 11:27 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, March 23, 2006 ::
Last Friday was St. Patrick's Day, so everyone here in Irish-heavy Boston was in high spirits celebrating it. I went to an amazing open house tea in Adams House, where I ran into Marion and Angela. The event had lots of nice snacks including pigs in a blanket, corned beef wraps, soda bread, and fruits to dip in a chocolate fountain. Tasty. Also, to top things off, the host was serving Guinness for the special occasion. It was a really nice touch when he created a four-leaf clover in the foam. A small band was playing traditional Irish tunes, while members of the Celtic cultural club here did Irish step dancing. It reminded me of my obsession with the short-lived Disneyland nighttime "streetacular" Light Magic, which "replaced" the classic Main Street Electrical Parade and featured plenty of Irish step dancing... and fiber optics, which are pretty and change colors, but I digress.

Afterwards, I had dinner with my friend in Mather House, and then I joined some other friends for a screening of Disney's classic animated feature The Little Mermaid. It continued our trend of seeing ocean-themed movies (we saw Titanic just the week before). I enjoyed watching a Disney movie again; I want to watch at least a couple more Disney films before heading off to Walt Disney World for spring break.

The Little Mermaid's happy ending made me go awww. "Now we can walk... now we can run... now we can stay all day in the sunnnnn.... Just you and meeeee... and I beeeee... part of your wooooorrrrrrrllllllllllddddddddddd!" I then went with my friend Molly, along with her brother who was visiting, to Felipe's, where I got a grilled chicken quesadilla. 'Twas oh-so-tasty. That is why we all love Felipe's. I then met up with my friends Ben and John, and we went out and had good times by going out to various parties as well as Charlie's Kitchen in the square. I had never been to Charlie's Kitchen before, but I enjoyed the loud and lively atmosphere. We were dismayed by the early closing time of Cambridge establishments, so we went back to John's room and chatted for a bit longer before we all headed back. I stayed up into the morning to watch lecture videos to prepare for my positive psychology and psychology of leadership midterms this week.

Saturday night, the feeling was right. I was watching lecture videos from my positive psychology class, and then another friend joined me to watch another lecture video from the class so we could be more focused and watch it without pausing. I felt really great and motivated after watching these lecture videos, but little did I know how much better the night was going to get after hanging out with friends. I met up with John and Ben again, and we went to a birthday party in Lowell House. The music was dreadful, but I still had a lot of fun hanging out with friends, dancing, and seeing cool people again. We ended, of course, at the Kong with delightful greasy food to fill our stomachs in the middle of the night. Soooo good and satisfying. I was having the time of my life. I finally got back to my room at about 3:30 and tried to go to sleep because I was so tired, but I was still so happy and high on life from my "peak experience" (haha, positive psychology) from hanging out with friends that I couldn't sleep. Instead, I chatted with friends online and listened to music.

I realized I had to return a DVD to the library by the morning and that I would never wake up in time. So I put on my jacket, kept on listening to great tunes on my iPod, and journeyed out to the library that's four blocks away to return the DVD. It was 4:30 in the morning, I was blasting music through my headphones, and there were no people and no cars around, so I danced to my music in the middle of the street. I turned in the DVD and danced some more in the middle of Harvard Yard. I sat down on the steps of Memorial Church and was looking at the twinkling stars and the low moon. It was such a happy moment; everything was calm, quiet, as one. I couldn't get over what an amazing weekend I was having. I'd have to say it was one of the happiest specific moments in my life.

It's hard to describe, but this positive psychology class is really turning my life around. I've always considered myself a pretty cheerful person (memory: reassuring my depressed friend that life would be OK; we go on and make it through our difficulties), but I'm really seeing life in a whole new way now. I guess it's hard to put into words, but it's true: You are what you believe. If you believe that you can experience happiness in life, that's the first step toward becoming happier.

On Sunday, I studied all day and all night for my midterm on Monday in leadership psychology. The exam turned out to be not too bad. Thank goodness for reading study guides. I then slept through the day and studied through the night for my positive psychology midterm on Tuesday. That was my last big thing before spring break, so now I'm all done and coasting until the much-anticipated vacation.

Tuesday afternoon, I went to hear a talk from Ma Ying-jeo, the mayor of Taipei (capital of Taiwan) and chairman of the country's KMT political party. According to my parents, he's the current frontrunner to run in and win the 2008 presidential election in Taiwan.

Mayor Ma talked about wanting to improve Taiwan/China relations... for example he said he thought it was silly for it to take 5-6 hours to get from Taipei to Shanghai because of a Hong Kong connection when a direct flight would only be 1.5 hrs. He also talked about wanting to offer more opportunities for Chinese students to study at Taiwan universities to promote a cultural exchange.

A lot of people asked him about running for president in '08, and he always demurred, saying that the KMT party will find a suitable leader in '08; apparently he hasn't yet announced his candidacy, according to my parents, who actually follow the politics; I don't know anything about Taiwanese politics, let alone have any strong positions on the matter.

I thought the mayor was really charismatic and he really lightened things with humor. He gave the talk in Mandarin Chinese, and I could understand most of it but not all of it because some of the topics were more obscure, like political party reform or pan-Asian relations - topics I never really learned the vocabulary for. He really expressed a lot of patriotism and love for Taiwan. It was cool because I haven't thought about my Taiwanese heritage in a while (I mean, "I Have To Deal With Something Racial Every Day," but I never think about it in the context of actual Taiwanese heritage). Mayor Ma's talk and the audience's questions reminded me of the pride people have in the beautiful island of Taiwan, regardless of political differences.

When his talk ended, I somehow made it out in time to find him exiting out the side door of the building, so I was able to get his autograph and talk to him briefly before he was bombarded by the Taiwanese media that had trailed him to the US. My mother said that she saw me on a Taiwan TV station news report. Coolness! The last time I was on TV was in '04 when I appeared on MSNBC asking then Democratic presidential candidate Carol Mosely Braun a question on Chris Matthews' Hardball.

Last night was the night before housing day, which is when all the freshmen find out which house they have been placed in. We in Leverett House celebrated by making signs welcoming the freshmen and enjoying food and drink. Today at lunch, we all went to Annenberg (the freshman dining hall) and welcomed the freshmen placed in our house with t-shirts, loud music, and people dancing on tables and waving large posters. I had so much fun. Each house celebrated and welcomed the freshmen with their own unique traditions and style. Even though all the houses are different and the rivalries between them spring forth on this day, there was a sense of unity in everyone getting together to cheer on the freshmen and having an excuse to party with house pride. The loud cheering kept drowning out the already loud music, and the atmosphere was fun and festive, fitting in perfectly with the almost spring break mood.

This afternoon, after going to classes, I socialized and enjoyed tea in Lowell House, which had invited the writer Gregory Maguire to speak. I stayed for the talk by the author of Wicked and other fantasy books and sequels. Wicked, of course, was the inspiration of the current hit Broadway musical of the same name. It was interesting, because just two months ago I had heard a talk from Stephen Schwartz, the composer for Wicked the musical, when I was visiting my sister at Yale. I enjoyed hearing Maguire's stories about collaborating on the production, as well as his inspirations for writing the book, some of the things he cut out of the original manuscript, and his advice for being a novelist.

Tonight, the housing day celebrations continued with the freshmen coming to visit our house and individual rooms hosting welcoming parties. A couple of friends and I room-hopped to get lots of good food, including samosas, pizza, tiramisu, and ice cream. Yay! Funny, too, because I had just had samosas the day before when my friends Alex and Alex and I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. I was exhausted by the end of the night, walking all around Leverett House, eating so much, and seeing so many new faces. These are the kids who will be replacing my classmates and me next year! Sad tear.

Finally, after all the excitement, I went with a few other friends to the Eliot Grill, where we socialized a bit more before I returned to my room to retire after a long and productive day. Exhausted, but exhilarated. Happy, and enjoying life. This has been a long week, but it's been good times, all around.

Quote(s) of the Day: "Today was the fourth day in a row I saw the sun rise." "That sounds like the first sentence in a novel..."

"Have you seen the movie Ghost? I could die like that, you know."
"Please don't come back from the dead to feel me up..."
"Yeah, through a psychic black lady."

"The tea was bitter to the end, to the bitter end."

"Suppose you ask someone out on a date, and they said yes. What would be a pessimist's interpretation of that scenario?"
"They were drunk."
"They felt sorry for you."
"They were desperate."
"They go to Harvard."

"Well, I suppose [selling your English class essay online] is no worse than being a sperm or egg donor for money..."

:: SL 5:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 ::
Oh my goodness... some people in my hometown area are so conservative:

Demonstrators decry sex- and drug-related merchandise at Urban Outfitters in San Luis Obispo

Have they seen the stuff that's available in the sex/erotica sections of Barnes and Noble or Borders Bookstore?

:: SL 2:27 AM [+] ::
:: Sunday, March 19, 2006 ::
Wow. Just wow. Second best weekend EVARRR in a row.

Thanks, my friends, for good times to treasure forever.

More details tomorrow.

The positive psychology class I'm taking this semester has seriously changed my life forever. I am so happy tonight, I could cry from joy.

As cheesy as it is to post song lyrics, this song perfectly describes what I'm feeling.

"It Doesn't Get Better Than This" - Katy Fitzgerald

I... feel like I'm flyin'
I... won't touch the ground
I'm spinning and soaring now
I turned it around
I turned it around
I turned it a-round

It doesn't get better than this
I've waited all my life
Just to feel like this
There's nothing that I wanna miss
Cuz it doesn't get-
No, it doesn't get-
No, it doesn't get better than this

All... all this was worth it
Cause I... landed with grace
And I... I needed to find my way
To get to this place, to get to this place
Now I can stay

It doesn't get better than this
I've waited all my life
Just to feel like this
There's nothing that I wanna miss
Cuz it doesn't get-
No, it doesn't get-
No, it doesn't get better than this...
Better than this - yeah!

Nothing's sweet
Without the sorrow
Your worst day is gone tomorrow
When you're down, just think about today...
You've waited all your life, just to feel like this

Better than this...
It doesn't get, no, no
Better than this!

Cuz it doesn't get
No, it doesn't get
No, doesn't get, better than this, yeah, yeah.

Doesn't get
No, it doesn't get
No it doesn't get
Better than this

Better than this

No it doesn't get any better
Better than this!

:: SL 12:13 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, March 16, 2006 ::
Exchange of the Day:

"[mock singing] No, I... won't back down... No, I... won't stop running."
"But she did stop running, remember?

:: SL 11:20 PM [+] ::
Last night was the annual Ying Dinner and Concert, and it was amazing, just like last year. They served a special dinner starting with Caesar salad that was so great I had two plates of it (well, I was really hungry, too, since I missed lunch). The main course featured salmon (my favorite!) glazed with a sweet and sour miso that enlivened the dish. This was paired with assorted vegetables and white sticky rice. A most wonderful chocolate souffle cake with a thick and gooey molten chocolate center served as the perfect dessert for the fairly light yet appropriate dinner. After dinner, the Ying Quartet (joined by four students), performed a lively octet piece by Mendelssohn. It was the perfect end to a delightful experience. I had forgotten how much I love classical music; I've got to listen to more of it.

Afterwards, we stayed in the dining hall through Brain Break and chatted and did (a tiny bit of) schoolwork.

Tonight, after a day of classes and sections, my friend Marion and I went to senior bar, which wasn't as terrible as last week. Free appetizers at Grafton Street Pub and Grille made the trip out worthwhile. Plus, the Kong was next door, and while we didn't partake in any greasy food there, the atmosphere was festive and enjoyable. Yay.

Oh, and we're all still buzzing about how great the 90s Dance was last weekend; it's brought back to memory great songs from the 90s we haven't thought of in forever, even though they weren't played at the dance. Remember "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" and "I Don't Wanna Wait" by Paula Cole? "Too Close" by Next? "Sonny Came Home" by Shawn Colvin? "Waiting For Tonight" by Jennifer Lopez? "All Cried Out" by Allure? "I Just Wanna Fly" by Sugar Ray? "I Want You" and "Truly Madly Deeply" by Savage Garden? Oh, good times, good times.

Quote of the Day: "Erotic beard trimming?" "Don't you ever say that again!"

:: SL 10:56 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 ::
Yay, I'm on the top of The Crimson's website today.

Story: Fistful of Pie for Pi Enthusiasts on 3/14

I swear I had nothing to do with the headline!!!

:: SL 2:52 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 ::
Wow, an unprecedentedly smooth day of article writing today for The Crimson. Nothing was too painful, from reporting to writing to editing. Yay. Perhaps The Crimson isn't as evil as I thought... Nah.

I spent the afternoon covering the festivities for Pi Day (3/14, get it?), when the math department gets together for pi digit recitations (one girl memorized and recited it out to 866 digits) and a pie eating contest (the winner ate one and a half pounds of pie, blueberry and apple). The story should be in the paper tomorrow. Yay.

This evening, as a break, I went with a few friends to get some soda bread at the Catholic Students' Center. I'd never had soda bread before. It was dense and warm. Yum.

Last night, my friends and I gathered in the dining hall for a screening of the film Wedding Crashers, which had its humorous moments but is somewhat overrated as a comedy. It's like the beginnings of a good comedy with an obnoxious romance tacked on to the second half. Wedding movies always make me sad anyways. Ah well.

It was fun hanging out, though, in the dining hall with our computers into the middle of the night, chatting on AIM, and dishing about the other people there. Good times.

Quote of the Day: "They're public servants, but they don't get laid for it..."

"Anyone ever heard of a mitzvah?" "Um... bar?"

:: SL 8:44 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, March 13, 2006 ::
Aw, sad tear: McClatchy buys Knight-Ridder for $4.5bn

Knight Ridder has been good to me, giving me an amazing scholarship and great opportunities and experiences. It'll be a few more months before everything settles... looks like my plans are still intact for now...

:: SL 1:13 PM [+] ::
:: Sunday, March 12, 2006 ::
So last night, my friends and I went to the 90s dance in the Quad, and it was one of the best dances I've ever been to. Last year, Pforzheimer House was inspired by our house's annual 80s dance and started their own party themed to the 90s. I wasn't able to go last year because of Harvard Model Congress, even though I really wanted to, so I was extra excited to go this year.

On the walls there were giant posters and decorations of 90s icons like Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, The Simpsons, and Christina Aguilera, as well as phrases such as "Whatever," "Eat my shorts," and "Talk to the hand." There were also projections of 90s music videos, movies (Titanic, The Lion King, Clueless, Wayne's World, etc.), and TV shows, from "Seinfeld" and "Friends, to "Are You Afraid of the Dark," "Saved by the Bell," and "Rocko's Modern Life." The students running the dance were wearing "Doug" t-shirts, and they served different flavors of Zima beverage.

They played all the best music from the 90s, which happens to be, seriously, everything on my playlist. It was everyone's favorite music from middle school and early high school, from the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody" to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit. There was also MC Hammer ("Can't Touch This"), Aqua ("Barbie Girl"), Ace of Base ("The Sign"), Britney Spears ("Baby One More Time"), Third Eye Blind ("Semi-Charmed Life"), the Spice Girls ("Spice Up Your Life"), Chumbawamba ("Tubthumping"), Hanson ("Mmmbop"), Cherry Poppin' Daddies ("Zoot Suit Riot"), Marcy Playground ("Sex and Candy"), Mariah Carey ("Honey"), and much more. I just had a really great time because I knew all the songs and could dance to all of them. Oh, and of course we did the choreography to the biggest dance hit of the 90s: The Macarena. Good times.

Oh, the 90s. Oh, nostalgia.

Afterwards, on our long walk back to our house, we sang loudly in the streets some of our favorite songs from the 90s that they hadn't played at the dance. We then ended with greasy Chinese food at the Kong. Seriously, the best night ever.

Quote(s) of the Day: "Hitler moustaches?!? What kind of porn have you been watching?"

"Anyone who isn't corrupt is doing a disservice to himself."

"It looks like you could get herpes just standing close to her."

:: SL 1:34 PM [+] ::
OMG, tonight was the BEST. NIGHT. EVARRR!!!

:: SL 12:16 AM [+] ::
:: Friday, March 10, 2006 ::
Oh, how I love my home county:

Stripper, friends accused in attack - Atascadero man alleges an exotic dancer and her friend beat and robbed him in his home to settle a score

"Skinner said he owed Talbert money for sex one time but not for a previous time when he said she fell asleep before they could have sex.

Murphy, who also owns an entertainment business named Bikini Assassins, told police he had "stiffed her" as well.
Murphy went upstairs to find valuables and returned with thong underwear and medication for erectile dysfunction."

:: SL 1:37 PM [+] ::
Oooh, I am so jealous my sister is at Disneyland at this very moment.

Not only is she on spring break right now, but she gets two weeks off!!! Lucky.

She just called me and told me she was in Disney's California Adventure waiting to get on the California Screamin' roller coaster. It's raining, though, so I think the parades and the fireworks may be cancelled.

Speaking of Disneyland, I stumbled upon this hilarious Monte Cristo sandwich fan fiction. Hahaha. The Monte Cristo, of course, is that delightful sandwich of warm ham and gooey cheese coated in batter and deep-fried, topped with powdered sugar and served with blackberry jam. It's served at Disneyland's Blue Bayou restaurant, and the gustatory extravaganza is definitely worth the price.

Oh, and I don't remember if I had shared this link to photos from my winter trip to Disneyland... ah, good times.

So last night my friend and I went out to Senior Bar, which was filled with all these obnoxious, preppy douchebags I've come to hate here at Harvard. We decided we might just need a break from Senior Bar. We also went to our school's Battle of the Bands, which was held at another local bar, and that was obnoxious because I absolutely loathe loud live music, particularly bad loud live music, and even more so bad loud live rap.

This afternoon, I'm working at my job... I did an economics study earlier that netted me $12 in cash. Yay. Later, I will probably be starting on the 15 hours worth of lecture videos I need to catch up on before my midterms in a couple of weeks. Oops!

Quote(s) of the Day: "Let's be BFF!" "Let's be BFFWB!!!"

"I hate bad music, especially when it comes out the mouths of college students."

"Why would a black person work at Abercrombie and Fitch?!? You wouldn't see me working at some FUBU STORE!!!"

"I want to be Janice Dickinson when I grow up; let's have sex!!!"

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:: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 ::
Wow, hearing that Yanni got arrested compelled me to listen to one of his new age pieces. Ha.

So I'm back... I've been staying in a nice hotel in downtown Boston this past weekend for Harvard Model Congress, where we college students run a government simulation program for high school students visiting from all around the country. I'm a part of the press corps, so we help the students write for and create a newspaper to distribute at the convention.

It was stressful, but fun. We had to work nonstop for four days, but the kids put out 7 newspapers in that time. A humorous highlight was when the Constitutional Convention, a group that reenacts the founding of our country, barred some of our reporters from attending their meeting and threatened to tar and feather them. They claimed that freedom of press had not been written into the Constitution yet, so they were allowed to do that. Well, we organized a huge protest with signs and everything to protest this violation of democracratic freedoms and hypocrisy by the founding fathers. We also chanted, "We won't just report the weather; you can't have us tarred and feathered!" Good times. There was also the usual blowup between the press corps and the National Security Council because our reporters keep snooping in their secretive meetings.

Today, after classes and meetings, my friend and I started watching Titanic, but then people came in wanting to watch America's Next Top Model, so I watched it. I'd never seen the show before. Wow, models are really shallow. Afterwards, we went to a study break with friends.

Quote(s) of the Day: "Is that... her stage name?"

"John Quincy Adams is a foppish dandy!!!"

:: SL 9:50 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, March 02, 2006 ::
Wow, this has been an intense week, filled with sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep.

I didn't get any sleep last night, so forgive me for terrible writing...

I had papers due on Tuesday and today, so there was a lot of writing of papers and not sleeping. There was then a lot of sleeping to catch up in between. Alas. My sleep schedule has been screwed up beyond repair.

Last Friday, my suitemates and I threw a party. Considering the cold weather, we decided to theme it to a beach party. It gave us an excuse to finally decorate our common room. It now has some really pretty construction paper cutouts that make it into a lovely beach scene. Alas, though, there were a billion other parties going on that night.

I did sneak out somewhat secretly a bit early so I could go out and dance. I really wanted to dance that night, so I found my outlet. I had a good time, and I also got a Felipe's super burrito. Yummm. It makes me want to say Felipe's like Dory in Finding Nemo says the word "Escape" like "ess-cah-pay!"

Last night, as I was staying up all night to write my paper, I had a great chat with a good friend. That was after another fun distraction.

Anyways, I'm pretty much done for the week. I don't have class on Fridays, and after today's intense day (starting class at 10 a.m. going nearly continuously until 7 p.m. - oh, the price I pay for having Fridays free) on top of not sleeping last night, I'm exhausted. If I had more energy, I'd go to senior bar, which is tonight. But alas, I just might go to bed at 9 p.m.

OK, no more complaints, from here on out it's fun fun fun!!!

Well... actually, matters regarding the sensitive subject of race are not necessarily fun, but here's a little tidbit!:

I call it, "They Have To Deal With Something Racial Every Day." haha.

So my friend is performing in Ghungroo, which is this annual celebration of Indian/South Asian culture done in music, skits, and dance. Although many non South-Asians are involved, the majority of the cast is actually of that heritage.

Before the final performances, the performers had to listen to the standard Harvard theater/stage fire safety speech, and the guy giving it tells the performers, "If there's a fire, you need to head out. Don't try to put out the fire yourselves; leave it to the professionals, like the firefighters. It's OK for us to leave the work to them... it's like outsourcing; you guys know a lot about that, right?"

AHHHH!!! hahaha

The fire safety manager then goes on to talk about how there's a heart defibrillator in the lobby: "All the instructions are on the board, and well, I'm sure two thirds of you are pre-meds anyway, so you'll be fine..."

Inappropriate!!! Haha, how fawkward!!!

Quote(s) of the Day: "What if they're sexually incompatible?!? You don't buy a car without taking it out for a test drive!!!!!"

"Masturbation is the opiate of the masses!!!"

"I don't care about what's going on in Afghanistan ... I just care about my ORGASM!"

"Do you like them small and perky?" "All you need is a mouthful! I need ice cream."

"My friend's a ho, so he asks me for my advice..."

"She leaves you wanting more, but then all you get is sex..."

:: SL 5:20 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 ::
Web Site Offers Free Food

:: SL 10:25 PM [+] ::

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